At Unity, everyone is recognized as a spiritual being, beloved by God. We offer a positive, practical and progressive approach to Christianity.


Worship Services
Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am 

Sunday morning  is filled with prayer,  music,  meditation  and lessons that assist us in our  relationships with ourselves, our family  members,
co-workers and God.

Sunday Celebration Services  

Sunday, April 5th

Breathe and Surrender
                         -Rev. Libby O'Day

Sunday, March 22

An Introduction to Dr. Joe Dispenza: Do you love yourself enough
to do this work?                  ~Leslie Smyer

Listen to Past Services

March 1         Unity Works                                                               Randie Gottlieb

March 8         A Spiritual Vacation to India                                        Nomita Mehta

March 15       Calmness                                                                        Rob Leaming

March 22       See link to video above                                                    Leslie Smyer

March 29         TBA                                                           

February  2    Changing You Thoughts & Emotions w/Hypnosis               Ron Nehls

February  9    The Flowers of Tomorrow                                        Marilyn Holloway

February 16   Beginning of lent & the Vision of Possibility                 Marilyn Freed

February 23   Divine Love in Action                                          Rev. Robert Trimble

January 5th        White Stone Ceremony                                   Marilyn Holloway

January 12th     Seeds of Sankofa                                              Scott Klepach

January 19th     Learning to Access Your Higher Self               Karen Diana

January 26th     Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens
                                                                                                    Marilyn Freed


Prayer Ministry

 Unity's prayer partners are available for prayer one-on-one, before or after service every Sunday.   ​​

During service they light the christ candle, conduct the opening prayer, and bless the sanctuary.

They also provide the Daily Word message for our Dial-A-Blessing at
509/426-4988.  Try it - it's a lovely way to start your day!

If you're interested in becoming part of the Prayer Ministry Team, please contact the office at Unity (509) 575-5551 or via email at [email protected]  

Healing  Ministry

Oneness Blessing
The Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha) is a non-denominational transfer of energy from one person to another. A unique and specific blessing. It is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient. This energy has been brought to the world through Divine Grace and is being bestowed upon humanity.

Prior to receiving the Oneness Blessing enter the space in a quiet and reverent manner; be seated and center yourself; spend a few moments in meditation. The Oneness Blessing is transferred by the Oneness Facilitator who will approach you quietly and gently place their hands on top of your head for several seconds to a few minutes. Once the Giver is finished, they will quietly step away; allow yourself time to meditate and allow the energy to flow over/through you.Experiences during the Oneness Blessing vary, sometimes strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed until even days later. The recipient may experience a tingling sensation in the head, or blissful energy flowing through the body, or sometimes nothing at all. Whatever the experience, the recipient can trust that the process of Oneness has begun, a process designed by Divine Grace for your own nature that will lead gradually (or sometimes spontaneously) into your own Awakening.

The Oneness Blessing is currently offered the first Sunday of the month from 9:45 to 10:15 downstairs in the Library at Unity Spiritual Life Center 

 Unity's Youth Ministry

We create a physically and spiritually safe environment to allow children to explore their own divinity and their relationship with God. We use a curriculum called Children on the Quest based on Unity’s Five Basic Principles.

 "With consistent and loving leadership, we are expanding and deepening our youth ministry, welcoming all children and teens into our community."

We are taking applications for a Youth Attendant to work every Sunday, from 10:00am - 11:30am.  Must be 18 or older.
Send resume to [email protected]
or call 509/575-5551

 Unity's Music Team 

Music Director, Sylvia Holtman, invites you to join the choir for practice every Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m.
Inspirational, fun and a great way to share in the joy of Sunday morning  service - if you have a desire to sing or play an instrument, this is your opportunity! Contact Sylivia by phone (509) 961-6772 or via email at [email protected] .

 Hospitality Ministry 

Unity's hospitality ministries purpose is to make all people feel welcome here. They greet the congregation in the morning, connect with new congregants, take care of coffee and kitchen clean up before and after service, and provide snacks for fellowship after service.

Contact Chris at the office (509) 575-5551, if you'd like bring your gifts to Unity's Hospitality Ministry. 

 Silent Unity

Silent Unity provides a 24-hour prayer line for person to person confidential prayer. It is a world-wide prayer ministry serving hundreds of thousands of people. Silent Unity prayer help can be accessed by phone, internet, and email. 

You may contact Silent Unity with your prayer requests 
Telephone: 816-969-2000.
Or write: Silent Unity, Unity Village, MO 64065